Standard property management

Welcome to the world of professional rental property management! We are here to provide you with competent and reliable property management services. Whether you own an apartment, a house, or commercial spaces, our experienced team is ready to take care of all the responsibilities associated with rental properties.

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in the real estate industry and is well-versed in market dynamics. We are highly qualified professionals who understand the business in all aspects. Ensuring the consistency and optimal rental of your property is our priority.

Using the service of professional property management services offers numerous benefits:

  • We handle all property-related management tasks, freeing up your time and energy. Your only responsibility will be collecting rent.
  • We assume full liability for the rental process, including contracts, marketing, tenant screening, rent collection etc.
  • Thorough background checks are conducted on all prospective tenants, ensuring reliable and responsible individuals occupy your property.
  • You have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the contract, giving you flexibility and control over your investment.
  • Our competitive commissions provide a cost-effective solution for professional property management.

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Maximize income through short term rental (Airbnb, Booking, Expedia)

  • Short-term rental operators typically impose high commissions, often up to 30%. However, we offer a considerably more reasonable commission rate.
  • 10 000+ bookings and growing!
  • Full project management – start-up, sales, staff, data analysis, daily operations.
  • Transparency – Access to all platforms and sales reports.
  • Almost 8 successful years managing 50+ apartments in short term rental.
  • Competence and highly knowledgeable in all bigger sales platforms (including Airbnb, Booking, Expedia etc.)
  • Loyal customer base built in 8 years
  • Hilltop Apartments has grown to become a successful and highly competitive player on the market.
  • Well known and valued brand accompanied by positive media coverage.
  • Your property is ensured to remain in equivalent condition throughout the rental period.

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